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Homework Webpage
Please click on the desired Year to your right and access the corresponding homework page.

Dear children and parents,

Thank you for logging onto the NIS Lagoon homework WIKI. Each week you will be able to download your own custom made homework from this site. Home work will be available on this site every Thursday to be handed into teachers on the following Thursday. You first homework deadline is Thursday 27th September!

Please check the sticker in your planner to find which literacy and numeracy group you are in to download the correct homework for your level!

Remember that included in your homework are weekly spellings and either mental maths or timetables to learn. It is very important that you revise these, as you will be tested on them every Thursday!

Please print your homework and complete at home throughout the week but if you have any problems, ask your teacher for help!

If for any reason your printer or internet is not working at any time, please bring a letter from your parents and visit our homework co-ordinator who will help you to print your homework out over breaktime. This should only be used, if you are having problems printing and only occasionally.

We hope that you have enjoyed your first couple of weeks at Newton International School and look forward to a successful first term!

Kindest regards,

Miss Angelina Farmer
Deputy Head of Primary